Friday, July 13, 2018

Mia Khalifa, a genius in physics, chemistry or mathematics

A chain is irculating on Facebook where it says that the girl in the photo, Mia Khalifa, a famous porn actress, is actually a sacrificed Venezuelan, Colombian, Uruguayan student (varies from country) who would have won an Olympiad of mathematics, or physics.

And the apes go and share it and publish and republish it.
And every time someone appears warning that it is false, but the apes nothing moves them, they share and share without noticing if it is true or a mess.
The only thing that matters is publishing and publishing nonsense without rhyme or reason.

So you know, from now on, this is not Mia Khalifa, it's Juanita Rodriguez or Antonieta Velasco, and she's not a porn actress, she's a teenager with a high IQ, winner of science contests, no one in her country.
It can also be used to insult the president of the country in question, depending on where it is published.
The human stupidity in all its splendor.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Real estate

Real Estate:

"We want a cozy, secluded 20 acre farm surrounded by hills, trees, and streams, within walking distance of shops, restaurants, schools, theaters, and hot night spots."